MEDIUM TRIATHLON [use of CRONOMETER BICYCLES PERMITTED (lenticular or high-profile wheels possible only in case of favorable wind and weather conditions according to the sole judgment of the Referee Judge] (also relay*)

[1900 m swim, 90 km bike over 2 laps, 21 km run over 3 laps]

Location: Cala Masciola, Savelletri di Fasano (BR)

Race start: 9:00 a.m. (Closing time for tansition area 8:45 a.m.)


RELAY- Medium Triathlon: the middle triathlon can be done in relay mode. The relay can consist of two or three separate participants (all men, all women or mixed) and each must do one of three different fractions between swimming, biking or running.

Please note that relay participation is allowed for FITRI-member athletes or those with daily membership (in the latter case, the additional cost is €15.00).

The daily membership will be done on site on the race day.

For those participating by relay mode with daily membership, it is mandatory to be in possession of a valid  medical certificate for the sport triathlon. Certificates for other sports are not allowed.

To accomplish the distance with relay mode, participants have only one race chip that they must pass to each other during the change between the three fractions.


GATES (maximum times – Medium):

60’ to accomplish the swimming fraction (from the start of the last battery)

5 hr 30’ to accomplish the swimming + biking fraction

Maximum time: 8 hr






It is MANDATORY to participate:


·       Be a FITRI member and hold regular membership for the performance of competitive activity

·       Subscribe to the “Daypass” daily membership, which involves the submission of the subscription form and the Italian competitive medical certificate (issued in Italy by an Italian doctor) specific to the practice of triathlon sport.

NO certificates for sports other than triathlon and certificates not issued in Italy will be accepted.

The cost of daily membership is €30.00 for individual middle distance and €15.00 for relay middle distance.

For more info contact: flippertriathlon@gmail.com

  • Foreign participants can sign the daily membership for the individual middle distance or relay ONLY IF they are able   to present the form and the agonistic certificate for triathlon issued in Italy by an Italian doctor (they have to make the agonistic examination in Italy, before the date of the race).

Foreign participants may alternatively participate with a valid foreign triathlon card from their home country.

For more info contact: flippertriathlon@gmail.com


To participate, it is also MANDATORY to.:


  • Having registered online at https://challenge-egnaziatri.com/ by clicking on the REGISTRATION section.
  • Having made payment of the registration fee within 10 days of the registration itself and in any case by the closing date of registration.

NB: Unpaid registrations are automatically deleted from the system less than 10 days after the date of registration.


No telephone or e-mail registrations will be accepted.


MEDIUM AND MEDIUM RELAY: closing no later than Oct. 15, 2023 11:59 p.m.


In case of non-participation, the registration fee will not be refunded.

You can transfer your registration to the next edition no later than September 20, 2023.

In this way the amount paid for registration will be kept valid for other race or the next edition, with a charge of €10.00 for secretarial fees. To make the transfer contact the organization at. flippertriathlon@gmail.com


  • Registration moved to the following year is not automatic, each participant must make arrangements to register independently, using the coupon.
  • Enrollment moved to the following year is not transferable to a third party.
  • Enrollment moved to the following year is not further transferable in subsequent years.



Replacements are possible up to 3 days before the competition (October 18, 2023), in the maximum number of 1        athlete per club, indistinctly if male or female, provided that the substitute holds an active membership on the   registration deadline date.

Beyond these deadlines, no more requests for replacement or any requests for changes will be accepted.

To make the replacement, contact the organization at the following address:  flippertriathlon@gmail.com


Swimming: 1900 mt on a single lap with departure from the small port of Savelletri di Fasano LINK


Cycling: 90km over 2 laps of 45km and total elevation gain of 306 mt. LINK


N.B. Strict adherence to traffic laws and keeping to one’s right especially (but not exhaustively) in “stick” sections is mandatory. Crossing the centerline is very serious conduct for road safety purposes and will be punished with immediate disqualification.


Running: 21km over 3 laps of 7km LINK


Time limits: Swim: 60′; Swim + Bike: 5h30′; Swim + Bike + Run: 8h



The transition area will be specially marked and will be located near Cala Masciola beach.

The bicycles will be guarded by a designated bike guard within the following hours:


·       Saturday, Oct. 21: from opening (6 a.m.) until 6 p.m.


Bikes can be picked up only after the last athlete returns to T2 and only through the presentation of the bib.




The following refreshments are provided along the route:


Cycling: km 1 – km 20 – km 46 – km 65


Running: km 0 – km 2 – km 4.5 – km 7 – km 9 – km 11.5 – km 14 – km 16 – km 18.5


Arrival: Final Refreshment with pasta party


As a result of infractions committed by the athlete in any fraction of the race, a Penalty Box is placed on the race course where the athlete, without the obligation of posting the number by the judge, will serve the penalty in the times indicated by the judge in accordance with federal regulations.

Please note that bike wake is not allowed and that the minimum distance between the two front wheels of two contiguous bikes must be ≥ 12m.



The race secretariat for bib pickup is located at Cala Masciola beach (near the start and the transition area) and will be open at the following times:


  • Friday, October 20, 2023 from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday, October 21, 2023 from 6:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.


The bib may also be collected by third persons only upon presentation of a written proxy.

For sports groups, only the group leader may present himself with his own ID and the list of his members. Depending on the health regulations in force, proxies for bib pickup may not be allowed.



Timing will be carried out by EvoData Srl using “chip” based technology.

Each participant will be provided with a daily chip to be applied to the ankle by means of a special Velcro band, which must be returned compulsorily by the end of the race. In case of failure to return it, €30.00 will be charged.


Categories – Age

Senior 1 | 20-24 years old

Senior 2 | 24–29 years old

Senior 3 | 30–34 years old

Senior 4 | 35–39 years old

Master 1 | 40–44 years old

Master 2 | 45–49 years old

Master 3 | 50–54 years old

Master 4 | 55–59 years old

Master 5 | 60–64 years old

Master 6 | 65–69 years old

Master 7 | 70–74 years old

Master 8 | 75 and above



For the Medium Triathlon, the prize money is €19,000.00 and will be divided between the men’s and women’s absolutes according to the FITRI regulations.

For the Medium Relay Triathlon, prizes will be awarded to the top 3 overall relays. No prize money is provided.



All participants will be required to wear:

  • The CHIP for timing (for the entire race)
  • The helmet (during the cycling fraction)
  • The bib (in cycling and running fractions)
  • Bib number stickers and references (on helmet, bike, and body throughout the race)



It is planned to use multiple ambulances with doctors and nurses, fixed First Aid points including a permanent one in the arrival area, mobile service with motorcycles and specialized personnel. Fixed and mobile Radio Rescue points.



The event is insured by the organizers policy taken out by FITRI and is also covered by supplementary policy taken out by the organizing company.



For anything not covered in these regulations, the current FITRI technical regulations apply. All competitors must compulsorily observe the rules established by the Highway Code.

In the cycling fraction, the roads will be closed traffic with the presence of about 100 volunteers in charge of monitoring and controlling the intersections.



The Jury is composed of judges appointed by FITRI. A participant caught engaging in unsportsmanlike, uncivilized or anti-ecological behavior, in addition to incurring the penalties provided by law and sports regulations, may not be admitted to subsequent editions.




Any complaints must be submitted exclusively to the Jury in the manner and within the time limits prescribed by the FITRI regulations and accompanied by the required deposit.