The swim course will be 1,900m in total. The start will be at the port of Savelletri, 500m walking from the transition area. The finish area will be in Cala Masciola, near the transition area. In order to sign the course to the athlets yellow turn buoys will be placed. There will be also red cylindrical directional buoys on the longest stretch leading to Cala Masciola, after exiting the port.


Bike route on two 45km hilly laps with 1 cycleable ascent of around 2km with an average gradient of 4% followed by a long slight slope down towards the halfway point. The altitude difference per lap is a total of 280m for a total of 560m. Breathtaking views interspersed with long stretches where pushing hard will be favored by good asphalt, long straights and the roughness of low medium gradients. The new turning point at the port is the real novelty, made to facilitate a spectacular passage with the warm public present at the race and at the same time eliminate the sections of bumpy asphalt which in recent years have created some slowdowns.


The run course will be a total of 21km: the course of 7km will be repeated for 3 times.  At the third lap athlets will enter in the finish area where a carpeted corridor will guide them to the arrival portal, located next to the transition area. The last fraction of the run goes through the countryside, which boasts historical points of high importance and excavations of Egnazia, to return all the way back to the seashore at Cala Masciola, Borgo Egnazia’s private beach.